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Factory Complex for Wheels India Pvt. Ltd., MIDC Ranjangaon, Pune.

Project in Brief : The company manufactures automotive wheels and caters for 80% of Indian automobile industry. With its headquarters at Padi, Madras the company is already having two plants, one at Padi and another at Rampur in UP. The plant at Ranjangaon is spread over 20 Acres of land and has facilities to produce 2.5 million wheels per year.

Amongst the plant buildings the press shop (5760 sqm.) and the ED paint shop (4050 sqm.) are the major ones. Amongst the utility buildings are boiler house, compressor house, LT/DG room, CO2 shed, weigh bridge cabin etc. Canteen, dispensary and security office are among the other buildings. The services comprise pipe and cable bridges, water supply and drainage, under

ground water tank (1,00,000 litres), over head water tank (50,000 litres) and roads. Machine foundations include foundations for heavy-duty presses, DG sets, compressors, and cooling tower and for many other machines. Effluent treatment plant also forms a part of the project.

Press Shop consists of 2 bays of 12m span- 105m long and 2 bays of 12m span-135m long with tie level at 7m in some bays, 10m in another and in some other bays it is up-to 13m. The entire structure is in structural steel with AC sheet roofing and north light glazing. Gantry girder are provided for EOT cranes of various capacities, 3.0T, 5.0T and 10.0T. The press shop houses heavy duty presses, capacities ranging from 60T to 1250T, shearing machine, shrinker, expander, roll former and many other machines.

ED Paint Shop has 2 bays of 15m span-135m long with a roof tie at 7m. This shop also is entirely in structural steel with PVC sheet roofing and north light glazing. A long endless, overhead chain conveyor carries articles from Press shop, runs through road over bridge and loops all around the ED paint shop. The chain conveyor is hung from the roof. The gigantic and one of the most modern electrostatic deposition painting systems occupies whole of 4050 sqm. of ED paint shop area.

Machine Foundations comprise, foundations for 12 different presses, capacities ranging from 60T to 1250 T, shearing machine having capacity of cutting plates up-to 16mm thick, expander and shrinker machines and many other.

Lt-DG Room is 24 M long X 7m wide X 7m height at tie. It is totally in steel with AC sheet roofing . Brick masonry walls are up to 3.5m and AC sheet cladding above. The structure is designed as a steel portal with hinged base. The building houses LT panels and two DG sets, one of 650 KVA and the other of 380 KVA capacity. The transformers, 4 X ----KVA capacity and the switch yard is on the rear side.

Compressor House is identical to the substation building, except for the width; which is 15m. It houses 2 horizontal reciprocating compressors of ---CFM capacity. A part of compressor house is reserved for maintenance of forklifts.

Canteen Building , 30m long X 11.25m wide, is a single storied structure and is completely in RCC. 15m long X 11.25m wide dining hall has a coffered roof slab.

Gate Office is a long, narrow (22m X 4m), single storied building with separate rooms for security personnel, visitors, weigh-bridge instrumentation. Dispensary and doctor's room also is in the same building.

Client : Reward
Project Cost : Rs. 8.5 Crores (Approx.)
Structural Steelwork : 800MT (approx.)
Services Rendered : Structural Engineering
Year : 1996-97